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Our Swim Lessons Policy

What you need to know before starting Swimming Lessons with us.

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Swimming Lesson Policy:

Our policies and procedures are in place to keep our facility clean and safe. Please review our policies prior to your visit!

Where to go when you arrive to lessons:
We ask that you remain in the covered purple picnic table area. Children have a hard time focusing on their instructors if they are distracted by mom/dad/grandma/brother sister.

Inclement Weather:
In the event of inclement weather, the decision to cancel and reschedule the lesson for that day will be determined by the General Manager. Students are unable to be in the water at Pelican Bay if there is lightning thunder, or it is raining so hard that lifeguards are unable to see beneath the surface of the water. You will be contacted through the contact information that was given online during registration. Pelican Bay will also post on social media. We will do our best to make up the lesson within a reasonable amount of time. Our ideal day to make up classes are the Friday of the week that they are canceled on.

Parent/Guardian must be present for the Duration of Lesson:
A Parent/Guardian over the age of 18 must be present for the duration of the lesson inside of Pelican Bay Aquatic Center. In the event something happens, we need consent to treat a minor or you may be needed by staff. Parents/Guardians must stay around the picnic tables or the splash pad area during lessons to prevent the students from getting distracted and so the students are able to focus their attention on the instructor and class.

Moving Levels:
Due to Registration Error: Contact the General Manager, Marina Wells, and we will look at what classes have availability and try to find where there are openings.

Skill Based:

Moving a child based on their skills to a more appropriate level is encouraged. We would rather they thrive in the right level than regress, or not learn anything. If you have questions about how your child is doing or the placement, we urge you to speak with their direct instructor who works with them daily. If a move is what is needed, we will look at availability for the level they need.

Please Have Fun!